Frequently asked questions

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We use beeswax in our gum base. This helps to support beekeeping, which helps to save bees (indispensable for all kinds of vegetables & fruits) from extinction, since they are unfortunately no longer able to survive without help from humans. Maybe you share our opinion about this and would consider chewing our natural chewing gum despite your vegan lifestyle ๐Ÿ™‚

It is not easy to develop a vegan alternative. Unfortunately, regional sunflower wax is not yet approved for food consumption and importing carnauba wax from Brazil goes against our values. However, we do not rule out the possibility of developing a vegan chewing gum in the future.

It is not surprising that most people are stumped by this question if you just turn over your chewing gum pack and take a look at the list of ingredients, you will see the term “gum base”. According to the guidelines, this term is sufficient as a declaration.

It is only after extensive research, that one is able to find out that the majority of gum bases are made of synthetic polymers. The “declaration mania” has apparently not yet reached chewing gums.

The vague term “gum base” is used to hide the fact that they use synthetic polymers such as polyvinyl acetate or polyisobutylene, which make your appetite vanish once you have found out what it really is…

Alpengummi is made from 100% renewable resources and where possible, certified organic ingredients are used. For some ingredients, however, this is not possible. For example xylitol. Xylitol is obtained from wood residues and is available as a mono-product in organic quality but as soon as it is used as an ingredient in other products, it can no longer be certified as organic. Now, one could use organic sugar like cane sugar, where this is not a problem, but for dental health reasons we prefer xylitol. This is really a pity but legislation will hopefully change in the next few years.

Since our natural chewing gum consists purely of natural raw materials, it is broken down in the humus layer of the soil in a few weeks. Furthermore, the packaging is made entirely of cardboard, which is best disposed of in a waste paper container.

If you have are allergic to rosin, you should not chew Alpengummi. Sorry!

A chewing gum is defined by the fact that you can chew on it for hours without it disintegrating. It is also not or only with difficulty broken down by the body. We therefore recommend spitting rather than swallowing (but not on the streets) … ;)

Since the resin we use is not an elastic substance like the synthetic materials that are used for conventional gum bases, it is difficult to make bubbles with it. However, if you do succeed, please send us a photo and you’ll get a pack for free ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

There are several reasons why chewing gum sticks to the teeth.

Especially people with plastic fillings report that conventional chewing gums occasionally remain stuck to their teeth. The chewing gum usually comes off after some time with the use of the tongue.

The gum base of our chewing gum consists of tree resin and beeswax - both are temperature-sensitive materials. It could be that the gum has been stored too warm or too moist on its way from the production via the shop to you or that it has even been left in the sun.

But it could also be that something went wrong during the manufacturing process, which is mostly still done by hand. Therefore, we would like you to let us know the batch number (it is printed on the bottom of the package and starts with “L”).

If a chewing gum sticks to your teeth, it helps to drink a cold glass of water (the cold makes the resin harder again) and take a second chewing gum. The increased mass caused by the second chewing gum makes it easier for the chewing gum to seperate from the teeth.

With these tips mentioned above, this little problem should be solved. In any case, we are trying very hard to improve the chewing experience and are constantly working on it! Please be patient with us :)